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Only just finishing her tenure as Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of English and Comparative Literature this past July, Professor Florence Dore keeps herself busy, as she just released her new rock album, Highways and Rocketships, and a new book, The Ink in the Grooves: Conversations on Literature and Rock ’n’ Roll (Cornell University Press).

Touring the American South, Prof. Dore is taking both her album and book on the road in a “traveling public humanities program.” Prof. Dore has long worked both as a songwriter and as a scholar of the intersection of literature and rock; her most recent monograph is titled Novel Sounds: The American Novel in the Age of Rock and Roll (Columbia University Press, 2018).

We congratulate Prof. Dore on her innovative and exciting tour, and look forward to hearing more about her travels. 

Read more about Prof. Dore’s tour and relationship to her music here, and visit her website for more information and to watch some of her music videos.

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