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One of the advantages of taking classes in the Department of English and Comparative Literature is the variety and breadth of courses offered each semester for undergraduates. We wanted to showcase a few classes being offered this fall that still have enrollment space and are offering exciting approaches to all of the literature, films, and games that the DOECL has to offer! Find the courses below in ascending order from 100 to 300-level.

Introduction to Critical Game Studies with Prof. Courtney Rivard

ENGL 113, Section 01.

This course introduces students to the new field of critical game studies, which uses rhetorical and literary theories to explore the impact that games have on our culture. Students will analyze the impact of immersive narratives on players and explore issues of representation and identity by playing through selected games and reading core texts. No gaming experience or equipment is needed.

Premodern Sex and Gender with Prof. Taylor Cowdery

ENGL 153, Section 01.

What did people think about sex, and how did they do it, before Darwin, Stonewall, and the Sexual Revolution? This course will introduce students to the rich and varied history of sex, sexuality, and gender in Western culture before 1700. Topics to be considered may include the evolution of marriage, same-sex love in the classical world, trans identities in medieval Europe, and the history of true love.

Literature and Race, Literature and Ethnicity, with Prof. Rebecka Rutledge-Fisher.

ENGL 265, Section 01.

This course considers texts in a comparative ethnic/race studies framework and examines how these texts explore historical and contemporary connections between groups of people in the United States and the Americas.

African American Literature, 1970 to Present, with Prof. Meta DuEwa Jones.

ENGL 369, Section 01.

This course features a survey of African American writers, and literary and cultural traditions, from 1970 to the present.

Other exciting classes with seats still available include Postcolonial Literature with Prof. Emilio Taiveaho (ENGL 158, Section 01) and Studies in Literary Topics with Prof. Tyler Curtain (CMPL 390, Section 01).

Check out major and minor requirements for the DOECL here.

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