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Congratulations to Department of English and Comparative Literature Ph.D. candidate Theodore Nollert! Nollert was recently elected as the President of the UNC Graduate and Professional Student Government (GSPG).

The GSPG “empowers graduate and professional students to ensure current educational, occupational, and social conditions are conducive to achieving their professional, academic, and personal goals.”

In an interview with The Daily Tar Heel, Nollert described how he hopes to “generate more interest in the legacy” of student government by getting more people involved.

Nollert “specializes in literature, religion, and politics from 1550-1640, with expertise in lyric, dramatic, and narrative poetry from Chaucer to Milton (including Shakespeare).”

Nollert began his role as President of the GSPG in April. 

Portrait of Theodore Nollert.
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