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Congratulations to all the ECL seniors who completed an Honors Thesis in the Department this year! These students, in their final year, worked to produce roughly 35-80 pages of original research into a topic of their choosing.

Read more about these students and see the previous Honors student features here.  

Below is the list of students, their theses, and their directors. These theses will all eventually be housed in the university library system. The list is as follows:

Grace Baker: “The Immersive and Developmental Experience of Literature: How Scholarship Shaped C. S. Lewis and His Writings” dir. by Dr. David Baker

Megan Busbice: “Dos Pueblos Amigos: Redefining Relations Between Venezuela and the United States through William Faulkner’s Cultural Diplomacy” dir. by Dr. Heidi Kim

Laura Crook: “Dangerous and Deceptive: True and False Pregnancy in Early Modern England” dir. by Dr. Reid Barbour

Jennings Dixon: “Legitimacy of the Body Politic in The Henriad” dir. by Dr. Mary Floyd-Wilson

Maddie Ellis: “Inside the Mind of “Poor” Emma: Austen’s Representation of Consciousness” dir. by Dr. James Thompson

Sam Gatlin: “Albert Camus’s Denial of Christian Faith: The Problem of Evil and Human Freedom” dir. by Dr. Hassan Melehy

Meredith Huffine: “Because I was meant to sing:” Dusty Springfield’s Life and Legacy as Art” dir. by Dr. Sarah Boyd

Grace Karegeannes: “Hardly Christ-Centered, Certainly Christ-Haunted: Flannery O’Connor as a Gothic Horror Writer” dir. by Dr. Søren Palmer

Robert Keener: “A Genealogy of Einfühlung” dir. by Dr. Gregory Flaxman

Claire Shu: “Digging Up Memory: Using Seamus Heaney’s Poetry to Understand Celtic Tiger Fiction” dir. by Dr. Elizabeth Gualtieri-Reed

Aleah Tilson: “Abundance & Reciprocity: Indigenous Perspectives of Sacred Land, Life, and Environmental Justice” dir. by Dr. Margaret O’Shaughnessey

Sam Wallace: “King James VI: Defender of the True Faith Against the Antichrist” dir. by Dr. Reid Barbour

Hannah Whittington: “Pandemic and Theater: Contemporary and Historical Responses to Contagion in Performance” dir. by Dr. Jessica Wolfe

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