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The team behind the People, Ideas, and Things (PIT) Journal is hosting the newly revived Spring 2022 Undergraduate Research Conference on March 24th from 10 AM – 4 PM. 

This year’s conference is showcasing the work of ENGL 105 students enrolled in the PIT Journal’s research-focused curriculum under the guidance of Department of English and Comparative Literature Teaching Fellows Matt Duncan, Jo Klevdal, Lindsay Ragle-Miller, and Erica Sabelawski.

The People, Ideas, and Things (PIT) Journal helps students learn about, create, and publish undergraduate research. The PIT Journal seeks to provide an opportunity for undergraduates to explore and engage in scholarly discourse, share their original research, and gain valuable experience collaborating in peer review. 

Read more about the PIT Journal here

The Undergraduate Research Conference serves as a space for student researchers to exhibit works in progress, gaining valuable feedback from their peers while learning the unique challenges and opportunities available through a public-facing discursive environment. The conference unites undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty in curiosity and provides a platform for students to speak to an audience that includes listeners whose experience in their disciplinary work will range from general to expert knowledge. 

View the full conference schedule here

Below is an abbreviated schedule of panel time slots. All panels will be held in-person in the Carolina Union.


10:00 AM

Panel 1: Consumer Trends, Presentations and Q&A, Room 3202 

11:00 AM

Panel 2: Investments and Economics, Presentations and Q&A, Room 3205                   

Panel 3: Education Reform, Presentations and Q&A, Room 3202

1:00 PM

Panel 4: Policy and Politics, Presentations and Q&A, Room 3202                       

Panel 5: Scientific Interventions, Poster Presentations and Q&A, Room 3205 

2:00 PM

Panel 6: Representation in Film and Culture, Presentations and Q&A, Room 3202 

3:00 PM

Panel 7: Public Health, Presentations and Q&A, Room 3202

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