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The Critical Speaker Series, hosted by the Department of English and Comparative Literature, welcomes its second speaker for the spring semester, Christine Hong.

Dr. Hong Hong is Associate Professor of Literature and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her political commentary has appeared in The Nation and on Democracy Now! and Al Jazeera. She specializes in transnational Asian American, Korean diaspora, U.S. war and empire, and comparative ethnic studies.

At UC Santa Cruz, Dr. Hong organized with students, staff, and faculty for Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. She received her PhD from the UC Berkeley English department and is at work on a book project titled The Price of Inclusion: Race, Militarism, and the Pax Americana in Cold War Asia and the Pacific, which examines the double-fronted nature of U.S. Cold War counterrevolutionary violence and emergent, anti-militarist human rights politics in the Asia-Pacific region following Japan’s Pacific War defeat. She recently published A Violent Peace: Race, U.S. Militarism, and Cultures of Democratization in Cold War Asia and the Pacific (Stanford University Press, 2020).

On March 1, at 3 PM, Dr. Hong will deliver a lecture entitled “Race within Militarized Form: Cold War US Interventionism and the Art of Democratization.” This event will take place on Zoom and is open to all students, faculty, and staff. You can register for the lecture HERE.

On Wednesday, March 2, at 3 PM, Dr. Hong will lead us in a workshop entitled “Black Antifascism, the War at Home, and Ralph Ellison’s ‘War Novel.’” This event will take place on Zoom and is open to grad students. You can register for the workshop HERE.

The last Critical Speaker Series lecture this semester is with Dr. Anna Kornbluh on March 28. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming talks!

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