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by Rose Steptoe

The Department of English and Comparative Literature congratulates Luisa Peñaflor on receiving the 2021 Thomas Wolfe Scholarship! Peñaflor is a first-year creative writing major from Simpsonville, South Carolina. The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship  seeks to identify and reward students with exceptionally focused literary ability and promise. The scholarship offers full four-year financial support to one incoming student per year.

Find more about Peñaflor’s exciting achievement, as well as an interview with Peñaflor, here.

Read one of her poems, “Chupacabra!,” below.



There is a chupacabra called Love,

and he has four white hooves. Love smokes

cigarettes and scours for food with the stray

dogs. In the streets of Mexico, Love sleeps

in the slums. Love is chased by kids

pulling at his white tail. Love prowls

on the side of the highway and pounces

on cicadas. Love laps at water from littered

plastic bottles. Love walks on his hind legs

and drinks beer from a fruit stand on the side

of the road. Love lives with coyotes. Love hunts

the goats from the farm at night. The goats have brown

and black hooves. The farmer has a shotgun

and a slaughterhouse. Love watches as the farmer

takes a baby goat into the slaughterhouse.

The farmer shoots the goat and hangs his body

on a hook. The goat is bright red like

when Love closes his eyes after staring

at the sun. Love’s mouth waters when the farmer eats

goat soup. Love names the farmer Chupacabra.

Thomas Wolfe Scholar Luisa Peñaflor.
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