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By Sarah Lofstrom, Graduate Communications Editor 

Tyree Daye, Teaching Assistant Professor of Creative Writing was surprised last semester when his class gifted him with a chapbook of their poems. Below is our interview about the unexpected chapbook.


How did this chapbook come about? 

The students came up with the idea to create a chapbook of their poems. I did not know there was a chapbook until I received it in the mail.  


What surprised you most about this chapbook? 

I was surprised that first, they would take the initiative to create a book of their own. I was also surprised by the quality of the design of the book. The students did a great job with the limited amount of time they had at the end of the semester.


What is most inspiring to you about this chapbook? 

I love when students work together to create anything. So, to know that they had to discuss the order and style of the chapbook outside of class is so inspiring. 


What are some things you hope readers of the chapbook take away from it during this turbulent time?

I hope those who read the chapbook first realize how outstanding these students are, and throughout our history, as humans being, we have made art despite the world around us

tyree daye holding chapbook
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