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The Department of English and Comparative Literature congratulates all of the winners of departmental graduate students awards for the 2020-2021 academic year!

Below is the list of this year’s awardees from last Friday’s virtual ceremony:

Fall 2020 Graduate Student Awards

  • Bain: Christine Johns
  • Richardson: Theodore Nollert
  • Leonard: Maxim Tsarev

2020 Writing Program Awards

  • Hartsell: Nicole Berland
  • Betts: Elisa Faison
  • Gaskin: Zachary Metzger
  • Krista Turner Memorial: Eddie Yang and Don Holmes
  • Erika Lindemann Teaching Awards: Matt Duncan, Susan O’Rourke, Margaret Maurer, and Elisa Faison

2020 CoLEAGS Mentorship Awards

  • Dan Anderson and Helen Cushman

2020-2021 Teaching Award

  • Flora Award: Brad Hammer

Spring 2021 Graduate Student Awards

  • Breen: Jillian Kern
  • Green: Kevin Pyon
  • Howell-Voitle: Nikki Roulo
  • Bain: Elisabeth McClanahan Harris
  • Holman: Ben Murphy
  • Thomson: Liz Shand
  • Wagner-Martin: Abigail Lee
  • Richardson: Krysten Voelkner
  • Departmental Service Award: Grant Glass
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