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By Bailey Fernandez, Graduate Writer

Photo Credit: The Well

With the stark changes in educational format that have emerged at our university and around the country in response to COVID-19, ECL Teaching Associate Professor Jennifer Larson has become a “peer mentor” helping faculty transition to online teaching. She expounds on this role in an interview with The Well.

“Online learning is a real passion of mine, as well as a research area,” she says, “so I know there’s a lot of potential for effective online teaching.” So far, her work has consisted of creating a series of instructional videos and a resource guide for answering questions about online teaching.

Her desire to be a peer mentor was motivated by her extensive experience in online education. “I have taught remotely in various formats over the years,” she says. Her work presents unique opportunities not only to deal with the current crisis, but also for innovations in digital learning more generally.

For the full interview with Jennifer Larson, click here.

Photograph of Jennifer Larson and a screen grab of her online class
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