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by Carly Schnitzler, Graduate Communications Editor

Mehal Churiwal, a student in Sarah Singer’s ENGL105i class, published an article in the Fall 2018 issue of Carolina Scientific Magazine. Churiwal’s article, “Molecular Mysteries of Medulloblastoma,” examines recent developments in cancer research pioneered by the UNC School of Medicine. Mehal explained that she chose to write her article on medulloblastoma “because it is an intersection of many of my main interests in medicine and research: neuroscience, cancer, and pediatrics.” Although she found Dr. Gershon’s research to be quite complex, she conducted additional background research using UNC Library Databases and interviewed Dr. Gershon to learn about his research methods and the trajectory of the project.

Currently, Mehal is pursuing a B.S. in neuroscience as well as minors in Chemistry and Literature, Medicine, and Culture. She recommends that future ENGL105/i students “choose a topic that interests them” and seek out input from multiple audiences as they revise drafts. Mehal noted, “My various ENGL 105i assignments, especially my popular article for Carolina Scientific, not only helped improve my writing, but also reinforced the importance of communication. Regardless of what field you choose to pursue in the future, whether it be in the humanities or not, you must be able to present your work in a manner for others to be able to understand and appreciate it. I’m sure that I will continue to use my new writing skills in my research labs at UNC and even after I graduate and am a medical student.”

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