Administration & Staff

Position Office

Mary Floyd-Wilson
Chair Greenlaw 433

Todd Taylor
Associate Chair, Director of the Writing Program Greenlaw 519

GerShun Avilez
Director of Graduate Studies Greenlaw 517

Daniel Wallace
Director of Creative Writing Greenlaw 520

Eliza Richards
Director of Undergraduate Studies Greenlaw 228

María DeGuzmán
Director of Latina/o Studies Greenlaw 429

Rick Warner
Comparative Literature Advisor, Co-Director of Graduate Placement Greenlaw 439

Shayne Legassie
Director of Graduate Admissions Greenlaw 424

Gregory Flaxman
Director of Global Cinema Minor Greenlaw 508

Daniel Anderson
Director of Composition, Rhetoric, and Digital Literacy Minor, Director of the Studio for Instructional Technology and English Studies Greenlaw 533
Marsha S. Collins Director of International Programs Greenlaw 213

Jane Danielewicz
Assistant Director of Writing Program Greenlaw 507

Jennifer Larson
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies Greenlaw 315

Jordynn Jack
Associate Director of the Literature, Medicine, and Culture Program Greenlaw 512

Danielle Christmas
Co-Diredtor of Graduate Placement Greenlaw 411

Bradley Hammer
Writing Program: Director of Writing Assessment and Placement Greenlaw 419

Susan H. Irons
Event Coordinator Greenlaw 232

Hilary Edwards Lithgow
Lecturer and Undergraduate Advisor for English
Anita Braxton Creative Writing Program Assistant Greenlaw 202
Sharon Brinson Graduate Student Services Specialist Greenlaw 207A
Linda Horne Accounting Assistant Greenlaw 203
Robin Samuels Accounting Technician Greenlaw 203
Karon Griffin Undergraduate Program Assistant Greenlaw 200
Erin Kalbarczyk Writing Program Assistant Greenlaw 202
Cheryl Siler-Jones Administrative Services Coordinator Greenlaw 208

Jennifer C. Washington
Business Officer Greenlaw 210
Nelly Whitney Office Manager Greenlaw 204