Sean DiLeonardi


Dey Hall 342

Maynard Adams Fellow for the Public Humanities

Graduate and Teaching Fellow

Sean DiLeonardi's research interests include contemporary American literature, African American literature, media theory, science and technology studies, and critical theory. 

I am currently writing a dissertation that outlines the convergence of techno-scientific and literary theories of probability in the American midcentury. I am interested in how this epistemolgoical event provides an unlikely testing ground for a set of aesthetic practices that will be called "postmodernism" and the proliferation of media technologies that designates "the information age." Yet before either of these titles exist, fiction and digital technologies both embark on projects of representation best understood through the rubric of probability.

Current services include:

Co-editor of Ethos Review (

Co-organizer of the Americanist Speaker Series, in collaboration with Duke's English program.

Chair for the 2017-18 Boundaries of Literature Symposium.


M.A. University of Colorado, Boulder

B.A. Illinois State University

Research Groups and Interests

Group IX - Critical Theory and Cultural Studies
Group VII - American Literature from 1900 to the Present
Group XI - African American Literature