Kristjan Hannesson


Dey 121

PhD Candidate

Teaching Fellow

Kristján Hannesson earned his BA and MA in Comparative Literature at the University of Iceland, where he focused on the major literature traditions of Europe from the Odyssey to Ulysses, including Old Icelandic (Old Norse) poetry and sagas. His research interests involve the interplay and mutual influence of Latin and vernacular poetry from lovesick troubadours, through learned Sicilians to elegant Italians, as well as the literary invectives and philological adventures of passionate scholars--and the web of classical reception that it necessarily entails. 

Kristján does research in English, Italian, French and Latin. A native speaker of Icelandic, Kristjan enjoys reading medieval (Old Norse) sagas, poetry and histories in his free time, as well as keeping abreast of modern Icelandic literature.


M.A., University of Iceland B.A., University of Iceland