David J. Baker


Greenlaw 535
(919) 962-4059

Peter G. Phialas Professor



On Demand: Writing for the Market in Early Modern England (Stanford University Press, 2010)

"The Post-Colonial Past," special issue ofModern Language Quarterly, ed. David J. Baker and Barbara Fuchs (vol. 6, no. 3, Sept. 2004).

British Identities and English Renaissance Literature, ed. David J. Baker and Willy Maley (Cambridge University Press, 2002).

Between Nations: Shakespeare, Spenser, Marvell and the Question of Britain (Stanford University Press, 1997)

Recent Articles:

"'My liquid journey': the frontispiece of Coryat's Crudities," Environment and Embodiment in Early Modern England, ed. Mary Floyd-Wilson and Garrett Sullivan (Palgrave Macmillan, 2007).

"Glyn Dwr, Glendouer, Glendourdy, and Glendower," Shakespeare and Wales, ed. Willy Maley and Philip Schwyzer (Ashgate, forthcoming).

"Spenser's Politics," Handbook of Spenser Studies, ed. Richard McCabe (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).


Hire Date: 2008

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, 1992 
M.A., The Johns Hopkins University, 1983
B. A., Calvin College, 1979

Research Groups and Interests

Group III - English Literature from 1485 to 1660 (including Milton)