Adam J. Engel

Dissertation: Writing Ritual: The Function of Liminal Space in Twentieth-Century Literature

Courses Designed and Taught
* Literature in a Digital Age, English 137 (Fall 2016)
* Introduction to Poetry: Drugs, Sex, and Death, English 125 (Fall 2015)
* English Composition and Rhetoric, English 105 (Fall 2012, 2013; Spring 2013, 2014, 2016; Summer 2016)

Courses Assisted
* German Philosophy and Youth Culture, TA, GERM 280, 2 sections (Spring 2016)
* Children’s Picture Books, TA, English 291, 2 sections (Spring 2015)
* Shakespeare, TA, English 225, 2 sections (Fall 2014) Guest Lecturer
* The British Novel from 1870 to World War II, English 355 (Spring 2014) Lecture: "Strange Spots of Unknowing in Conrad's 'The Secret Sharer'"

Research Consultant
* Introduction to Fiction, ENGL 123 (Fall 2013)
* Literature and the Other Arts: Modernist Movements, English 366 (Spring 2013)
* English Composition and Rhetoric: Research Exposure, English 105 (Spring 2012) Athletic Tutor
* Philosophy, literature, and writing, UNC-CH Athletics Program (Fall 2011 – Summer 2013)

Peer-Reviewed Essay

* Engel, Adam J. "Talking Heads: Bodiless Voices in Heart of Darkness, 'The Hollow Men,' and the First World War." Conradiana 45.3 (2013). Print.

Book Review
* Engel, Adam J. Rev. of At the Violet Hour: Modernism and Violence in England and Ireland, by Sarah Cole. Joseph Conrad Today (February 2015). Print.

Blog Posts
* "Blake's Aniconic Arboreals." Hell's Printing Press: The Official Blake Archive and Blake Quarterly Blog. 4 April 2017.
* "Sisyphus and Consistency." Hell's Printing Press. 4 November 2016.
* "A Woman Washed Away." Hell's Printing Press. 24 February 2016.
* "Orange: Beyond Black and White." Ethos: A Digital Review of Arts, Humanities, and Public Ethics. 26 September 2014.

Digital Project
* David J. Baker, Travis Alexander, Adam Engel, Katharine Landers, Mary Learner, and Ashley Werlinich, “'Dangerous Conjectures': Ophelia’s Ballad Performance,” Ballads and Performance, ed. Patricia Fumerton (forthcoming).

* "A Midday Snack." The Yellow Chair Review 8 (September 2016).
* "The Privilege of Tangerines." The Yellow Chair Review 8 (September 2016).

* "Rhetorical Carpentry: Reconstructing Video and Rescuing Critique." Computers and Writing, Rochester, New York, May 2016.
* “The Legacy of Wilfred Owens’ War Poetry in Ted Hughes’ ‘Pike’.” Aftermath: Cultural Legacies of the First World War, London, England, May 2015.
* "Inscribing the Invisible: Women Poets of the Great War." A Struggle on Five Fronts: World War I, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, August 2014.
* "Impassable Limits and Impossible Bodies in Heart of Darkness." Southern Atlantic Modern Language Association, Atlanta, Georgia, November 2013.
* "Lambs to the Slaughter? Unfinished Pilgrimage and the Threshold of Death in Last Orders." Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association, San Diego, California, November 2013.
* Moderator: "Signs Within Signs: Deciphering Postmodern America" (panel). Strangeness in Context, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, March 2013.
* "Seeing Sound: Mystic Weirdness in Bob Kaufman's Poetry." Strangeness in Context, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, March 2013.
* “Doing, Not Drifting: Online Tool Building as Research and Composition" (round table). Computers and Writing, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, May 2012.
* The Size of the Moon is a Lie (original poetry collection) Sigma Tau Delta International English Convention, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 2009.

Please see my CV (below) for more information about my professional experience and service.

Teaching Awards

Laurence G. Avery Award for Excellence in Teaching Literature, 2015-16


PhD, English Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH)

Expected Completion: September 2017

Certificate in Digital Humanities, UNC-CH

BA, English and Philosophy, Ethics focus, Summa Cum Laude, The College of New Jersey, May 2010

Research Groups and Interests

Group IX - Critical Theory and Cultural Studies
Group VIII - British Literature from 1900 to the Present