Jerrod Rosenbaum


Greenlaw 528
Jerrod Rosenbaum is a PhD candidate in English. His dissertation focuses on the early humanist mania for "oriental" languages and orthographies, especially relating to the search for the pre-Babel prima lingua.
Teaching Experience: 

ENGL 101: Composition and Rhetoric

ENGL 102: Composition and Rhetoric II

ENGL 105: Composition and Rhetoric

ENGL 120 (TA): British Literature Survey; Medieval-1800

ENGL 125: (Introduction to Poetry) Poetry in Dialogue: Classicism to Modernism

ENGL 126: (Introduction to Fiction) Lives in Brief: Perspectives of Short Fiction

ENGL 225 (TA): Shakespeare

Conference Presentations: 

"Edward Leigh and the Hebraic Tradition: Scholarly Objectivity and Religio-Political Controversy in Seventeenth-Century England." North Carolina Colloquium for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, UNC Chapel Hill (February, 2011).

"Spenser's Two Merlins in 'Faerie Queene' 3.3." Sixteenth Century Society Conference, Cincinnati, OH (October, 2012).

"Kabbalah and Cryptology in More's Utopian Alphabet." Old and New Humanisms, Chapel Hill, NC (April, 2016).


"Spenser's Merlin Rehabilitated." Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual 29 (2014): 149-178.


BA: The Ohio State University (2009)

MA: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2013)

Research Groups and Interests

Group III - English Literature from 1485 to 1660 (including Milton)