Job Search Timeline

September and before:

1.  Set up placement file in University Career Services (Second Floor, Granville Towers South).

2.  Arrange to get four to six letters of recommendation. It is a good idea to ask for the recommendations at the end of the spring semester before going on the job market so they will be ready by September. Request the recommendations in writing so that you can remind the writer of your accomplishments and interests.

3.  Write draft of job letter.

4.  Prepare CV.

5.  Prepare 20-25 page writing sample.

6.  Gather together teaching materials (syllabi, student evaluations, peer observation reports, other evidence of teaching experience and abilities).

7.  Arrange to attend MLA convention in Philadelphia.


1.  MLA Job list comes out in middle/late September.  Begin sending out applications for jobs.

2.  Also check Chronicle of Higher Education listings and department bulletin board.
 (A hard copy is available in the English department office.)

     1.  Sit around, bite your nails, and try to get back to work on your dissertation while waiting for dossier and writing sample requests.
    1.  New MLA job list comes out in late November/early December.
    2.  Practice interviews.  
    3.  Practice job talks.
    4.  Schools call to arrange MLA interviews (Dec. 5 through Dec 25)
    5.  MLA convention, Dec. 27-Dec. 30.

     1.  Campus visits

After February:
The late-breaking market.