Thomas Wolfe Scholarship Checklist for Applicants

  • An Application for The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship completed and mailed with other materials.
  • A personal essay of no more than five hundred (500) words, in which the applicant introduces him or herself as a writer and reader, as someone who aspires toward the writing life, entitled "Why I Write."
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes from people who are able to comment on aspects of your creativity and ambition, including ONE (1) from a teacher who is familiar with your writing and can verify the originality of your submission.
  • Literary Prizes/Citations and Publications: Please send documentation and/or a clear description of the nature of your awards. Also send copies of recent publications as they appear in journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. You do not need to send the original periodical if you send other documentation to verify authenticity of publication (photocopy of magazine cover, table of contents, letter from editor, etc.) Maximum number of copies: 5.
    • If you are submitting FICTION, 25 pages, double-spaced, minimum; 50 pages, double-spaced maximum. You may submit short stories, a novella, or chapters from a novel-in-progress. If submitting a longer work, please include a one-page synopsis of the project.
    • If you are submitting POETRY, 20 pages minimum; 40 pages maximum.
    • If you are submitting a DRAMATIC WORK, one full-length play, 40-60 pages, maximum OR two to three one-act plays, 40-60 pages combined maximum.
    • If you are submitting LITERARY JOURNALISM or CREATIVE NON-FICTION (personal narratives, travel or nature essays, book or film criticism, profiles, memoir, belles-lettres), 25 pages double-spaced minimum, 50 pages double-spaced maximum.
    • If you are submitting in MULTIPLE GENRES, 25 pages minimum, 60 pages maximum.
  • APPLICANT PACKETS MUST BE COMPLETE AT TIME OF MAILING. Incomplete packets will automatically disqualify applicant.
  • PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE, KINKOS BIND OR PLACE IN A THREE RING NOTEBOOK! (Binder Clips and Paper Clips are preferred.)
Mail Packets To:
Thomas Wolfe Scholarship
UNC-Chapel Hill, Creative Writing Program 
Greenlaw Hall, CB# 3520
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3520

Questions: please email or