PIT Journal Release and Call for Submissions

The newest cycle of the People, Ideas, and Things (PIT) Journal has been released, and you can access the articles here. The PIT Journal offers undergraduates the opportunity to learn about, create, and publish original research.


Cycle 8 Call for Submissions: Multimedia Scholarship

The PIT Journal is looking for multimedia undergraduate scholarship for publication in the fall of 2017. Submissions will also be considered for inclusion in a PIT Digital Scholarship Festival to be held in the fall. This cycle will focus on scholarship in video, audio, graphic, and mixed media formats. Submissions should present some form of academic research (either primary or secondary) with appropriate citations and permissions for the use of materials. At the same time, submissions can push the boundaries of what counts as scholarship. Submissions might range from podcasts and audio essays to informational graphics or data visualizations, from videos that tell a research "story" to curated collections that translate social media into scholarship--to name a few options. These and other possibilities that explore new ways of developing and delivering undergraduate research are all welcome.

Undergraduates interested in publishing work in the PIT Journal should submit research projects on the website. The deadline for individual submissions is May 15th, 2017.

Instructors interested in collaborating with the PIT Journal and submitting student work developed in a class should sign up by contacting Daniel Anderson (iamdan@unc.edu) by March 24th, 2017. Final submissions will be due no later than May 19th.