Gabrielle Calvocoressi's Chapbook featured on Epicurious

Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Assistant Professor and Walker Percy Fellow in Poetry at UNC, recently published a chapbook entitled The New Economy Chapbook Cookbook, vol. 1. For this cookbook, poets and writers contributed recipes that can be made on a budget. The cookbook is also available to download online.

In a new interview with Epicurious, Calvocoressi talks about the meaning behind the name "New Economy:"

"I've been thinking in general about this idea of 'new economy' in my own life. Not just in terms of this cookbook but also for my life as a writer, and a writer who has a certain kind of privilege in the writing world—who has been, at least in the world of poetry, successful—but who also, like many people, has faced times of incredible economic difficulty and who is also concerned about the effects that capitalism is having on every aspect of making art and being an artist, and also just being a citizen of this country.

"Before I did the cookbook, I had been using this hashtag #neweconomy. For instance, for the period of a year, pretty much every Sunday, I would work for four or five hours and meet with people individually via Skype. I would edit—we could talk about their poems, we could talk about prose, we could do syllabus work—in return for a donation receipt for $40 to a charity that I had chosen for that week. I ended up raising close to $7,000 without ever touching money.

"That's where I started using this term 'new economy'—what if there was an economy outside of the monetization of everything we did that had to do with making art and the branding of everything we did making art? What if I could reframe my own understanding of what my economy was, and have an integral part of that be helping other people out and resisting the push to monetize everything that I do?"

Worley's full interview with Gabrielle Calvocoressi can be found here