Dr. Connie Eble Cited in NY Times Op-Ed

Dr. Connie Eble, UNC's "resident grammar guru," is cited by Frank Bruni in his April 8th New York Times op-ed, "What Happened to Who?". Dr. Eble weighs in on the transition from the use of the pronouns "who" and "whom" to "that", highlighting the tensions between grammar and the historical usage of words. Dr. Eble earned her PhD at UNC Chapel Hill, studying Germanic philology and traditional American descriptive lingusitics, and later she conducted extensive research on the social function of vocabulary, publishing Slang and Sociability: In-Group Language among College Students (UNC Press, 1996). Dr. Eble continues to collect slang terms from her students at UNC while researching language development and variation, with a focus on her native state, Louisiana.