Critical Speakers Series: Lisa Lowe

Professor Lisa Lowe (Tufts University) will soon visit campus as part of the Critical Speakers Series. See the embedded poster PDF for more information. 

- Seminar: "Liberalism and Empire" // March 19, 3:30 pm in Donovan Lounge, Greenlaw Hall.**

- Talk: "Colonial Difference and the Neoliberal Present" // March 20, 3:30 pm in Toy Lounge, Dey Hall. 

**Professor Lowe has pre-circulated several PDFs. The files are password protected; UNC DOECL members have recieved the password via an email from the department office. If you are not a department member, contact Kyle Rood ( for the password. 

Foucault, Society Must Be Defended 

Locke, Second Treatise

Mills, Considerations on Representative Government