2016 Mentor Award for Lifetime Achievement

On April 5, Jeanne Moskal received the University's 2016 Mentor Award for Lifetime Achievement, of which Dean Smith was the first recipient. The citation praises Moskal's  "meticulous attention to individual students' strengths and weaknesses" in cultivating their professional development, her commitment to "keeping the humanities humane," and the list of advisees' achievements featured on her office door. In February UNC-CH showcased the recipients of this year's awards at its basketball game against Pittsburgh.

Above: Kelli M. Holt, Grant Glass, Jeanne Moskal, Rachael Isom

Above: Elizabeth Shand, Taras Mikhailiuk, Suzanna Geiser, Jeanne Moskal, Emily Brewer, Alex Zelenak, Carlie Wetzel