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Chaucer MetaMentors
(This area thanks to Bonnie Wheeler.)

Chaucer MetaMentors are experienced scholars and teachers of Chaucer who are willing to advise others about teaching and studying Chaucer. Our current MetaMentors are Professor Norman Hinton, Professor Sigmund Eisner, and Professor John McLaughlin, who introduce themselves below. Other experienced scholars are invited to join this staff.

Whom does it serve?

1. Teachers
Our goal is to promote good teaching practices on all levels. We begin with the premise that the only bad question is one not asked, and we want to encourage both the new and the regular teacher of Chaucer to feel comfortable asking questions. If a question regularly repeats, we will post it to another part of the Chaucer MetaPage on FAQs. If you are a teacher and want some private advice about teaching Chaucer, contact one of the MetaMentors below.

2. Students
We are interested in promoting the study of Chaucer among students who might not otherwise have a chance to study Chaucer in depth. MetaMentors provide distance learning by grouping students into on-line classes (on a listserv), or into groups that focus on one issue for a set period of time, or into individual tutorials. The students' schools (if they are in school) and teachers will be informed that a student is participating in this project. Interested? Contact a MetaMentor below.

Hinton's Biography

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Eisner's Biography
If you are a teacher and have questions, contact Professor Norman Hinton. If you are a student and have questions, contact either Professor John McLaughlin or Professor Sigmund Eisner.
hinton@springnet1.com johnmcla@earthlink.net sigeisner@comcast.net