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Other Medieval Sites of Particular Interest

This section is intended to collect and annotate links which offer resources for medieval topics relevant to Chaucer. It should include basic resources like Labyrinth and ORB, sites devoted to particular authors (Boethius, Dante, Boccaccio) or to collections of texts (the Berkeley online library), and sites which provide basic tools like the online encyclopedias or basic texts like the Bible.
Basic or Particularly Interesting

Sites which offer a wide array information and links.
Basic Tools on Line

Fundamental books (e.g. the Bible) and reference tools (e.g. The Catholic Encyclopedia online).
Online Medieval Texts

Labyrinth and ORB identify many of these; some are worth emphasizing here.
Individual Authors

Sites which focus on individual authors (Boethius, Boccaccio, Dante, Usk).