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Dan Kline's Chaucer Pedagogy Page:
"Online Assistance for Teachers and Students of Chaucer and the Later Middle Ages," including Kline's Electronic Canterbury Tales.
"This page is a collection of sites organized under a dialogue format according to the questions that teachers and students of Chaucer might ask; in response it directs them toward pages and sites which help to provide answers.. Prof. Klein's links include many to pages of original material, such as his own class notes and engaging ideas for assignments." Emily Gold

"Chaucer MetaMentors are experienced scholars and teachers of Chaucer who are willing to advise others about teaching and studying Chaucer. Our current MetaMentors are Professor Norman Hinton, Professor Sigmund Eisner, and Professor John McLaughlin. Other experienced scholars are invited to join this staff."

The Crying and the Soun: Chaucer Audio Files:
"These are links to web pages with excerpts from Chaucer's works read by professors. The main purpose of these recordings is to help students improve their pronunciation of Chaucer's Middle English. The emphasis is on accuracy of pronunciation, according to the most current scholarly thinking, though you will notice some individual variation among the readers."

Susan Yager of Iowa State and Ken Tompkins of Richard Stockton College are interested in how collaborative editing might support teaching and learning in Chaucer studies. "While we are certainly not the first to consider wikis as a classroom tool, we may have been the first to think about such things in the context of teaching Chaucer.

"We invite scholar/teachers to use this wiki in their Chaucer classes. We reported the results of our pilot (four classes) last summer at the New Chaucer Society Congress. Now, anyone can add to, build, alter, or grow this wiki."

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