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The Americanist Speaker Series presents: Tim Marr (UNC)

Please join us for the first Americanist Speakers Series of the semester!
UNC's Tim Marr will present “American Imperialist Nostalgia and Moro Muslims in the Philippine Commonwealth.”

Refreshments provided.
The United States rejected petitions from Muslim Moros who wished to remain Americans rather than be incorporated into the emergent independence of the Philippines. This presentation examines nostalgia for imperial American authority over the Moros when American power was being retracted during the Depression.Cultural examples include the cartoon Jungle Jim, the Zamboanga South Seas Nite Club, the Hollywood film The Real Glory, the adventure writing of Vic Hurley, and the few American constabulary and teachers who continued (and the more who remembered) their service in Mindanao and Sulu. This nostalgia was itself ironically mustered as an anti-imperial resource for resisting the Japanese occupation of the southern Philippines during WWII.  

Tim Marr’s book The Cultural Roots of American Islamicism explores how Islamic orientalism became an important transnational resource for early American global imaginings. This talk is part of his current research on the century-long enterprise of military conflict, imperial governance, industrial development, and intercultural education between US Americans and the Muslim Moros of the southern Philippines. 

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Organized by Sean DiLeonardi, Katya Gorecki, Benjamin Murphy, and Nora Nunn. 

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